The difference between words are their meanings behind them. Some words sound the same, but all words in the dictionary have a different meaning behind them.

These words are called homonyms. Here are few examples of homonyms with an explanation of what they mean:

There- over there,”hey Cade, look over there!”

Their- that’s their bike,”Their bike looks good.”

They’re – they’re awesome photos,(they are.)

Two- the number two,”I’ve got two feet.”

Too- in addition, “I like him. “me too.”

To- used to express motion when direction specific location.

Peace- no war, no conflict, civil. “This is good, we’re at peace with one and other.”

Piece- a piece of food, material,”can I have a piece of that cake.”

I hope that this can help clear some misunderstandings with these words.

-Maddi XOX


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