Sometimes I question myself as to why I am friends with a certain person.

Most of the time I figure out that it’s because our mums are friends, so we automatically became friends.

Other times it’s because they’re my siblings friends siblings.

But in some cases it’s because we met through mutual friends.

Or sometimes it’s because I was intrigued by their looks or our personalities clicked, etc. on most occasions that’s the case.

I’m friends with people because we got talking one time during school. One time because the teacher made me sit next to them, now look at us, we couldn’t live without each other.

Sometimes we have a misunderstanding and we clear it up and now, we don’t spend a day apart.

Friendship is so very important to us when we’re young. Losing a bestfriend makes you feel like you’ve lost a piece of yourself.

Friends are one of the fun parts of life.

Someone you can do everything with, be yourself around them with no judgement.

Someone who has your back in arguments with your folks, or someone who listens to you rant about a certain boy/girl you like.

Friends are loyal, trusting, kind, supportive, humorous, adventurous, etc etc.

They should make you feel loved and happy.

But in return, you’re their friend. They expect the same back.

You can be a good friend by, looking out for them, caring and loving for them, respecting,  being nonjudgmental, kind, etc.

Friends are magnificent.

-Maddi xox


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