Hello everyone.

My name is Maddison Rose. Recently I have been thinking about starting a blog, and so here I am today creating my first blog.

I live in a small country-town, Lilydale. Outer Eastern from Melbourne. I’m 15 years old, but I am not like many “normal” 15 year olds. I’m more mature and I do enjoy different, unusual things than the regular teenage does.

Some things i enjoy doing in life is to watch movies, all genres, but romance and horror are my favourites. Sometimes I enjoy art, such as drawing, sketching and painting.

My most pride possession in life are animals. I adore all creatures, big, small, flurry, scaly. Ever since i was young, I’ve always wanted to have some sort of career with animals. I am looking into a veterinary nurse course for this year, so I will keep you all updated with what i decide to choose.

I suffer from depression, PTSD, anxiety and social anxiety, but that doesn’t define me as  a person. This blog will be a  space for me to share my thoughts, feelings and exciting new ideas. I will give you an insight to my life, the things i enjoy, helpful tips and much more.

I hope my blog will be helpful to those in-need and entertainment for the rest. Please enjoy my new journey from the world of blogs. I hope to post daily, but more than likely I will post hourly.. I hope you enjoy and don’t be ashamed to critic me or help me in ways i need. Thanks, Maddi xox


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