Our world is a mystery?

Do you ever find yourself questioning the existence or meaning to something that has had it’s name and title for millions of years?

Do you ever realise that you’re thinking about how the earth was created?

Who were the first people on earth? Was it really Eve  and Adam?

Where the bones of dinosaurs really the bones from a deceased animal?

How do we know that we, us humans, are supposed to be living on Earth?

How do we know what to call this planet we all live on?

Who decided we could talk?

Who decided we could communicate with one and other and develop and understanding?

How did someone know what to call each and every part of this world?

There are so many questions that will never ever be answered..

It makes me think of how us humans think, work, act, everything!

The world really is a fascinating place.

One question leads to another and leaves you in a manic questionable state of mind, questioning basically everything…


Everything about who was first to roam the world, to what was here before our generation, to 1,000,000’s of years ago.

All theres questions are unexplained. Yes people have come up with answers and beliefs, but how do we actually know that they’re true? How will we ever know that is fact and not myth?

The truth is,

we will never know..

-Maddi xox


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