Watching a group of children play,

splashing in the water.



I watched them be happy.



All while others stared.

They watched them.

and snickered right in front of them.

They pointed and giggled.

some even points with disgusted.

I felt ashamed.

I felt emotional and like I was not in control of the situation.

I felt annoyed at first.

And soon before I new it,

I was judging them too.

They are mentally challenged, disabled, whatever you categorise them as.

But they’re only human!

they have rights.

they have hearts.

they have families.

They are human.

Treat them like one then.

We’re all individuals and have our own way of playing, speaking, interacting and how we feel. No one is the same, so treat everyone with respect and just how you’d like to be treated.

-Maddi xox


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