The boy



Being around him makes me feel special and like i’m the only girl he talks to.
The way he interacts with me,
Touches me,
Flirts with me.
Everything about him makes me want to be in his company forever.
I can be myself with him.
Be clumsy, silly, daring and ridiculously stupid,
All while he joins in.
His smile lights my world up,
Making me feel 100 butterflies swooping around inside me.
When he talks,
All I can do is look at the way he moves his plump lips.
When he laughs,
I can only focus on his eyes,
As tears of laughter form.
His perfect oval face,
So masculine and beautiful.
Beautiful hazel, swamp-like eyes.
So beautiful and unique.
All while I feel so special being around him.
When he touches me.
Hugs me.
Presses his soft lips against mine.
Lays his masculine body against mine.
I know he doesn’t love me the same way I love him.
He looks the other way when we’re intimate.
He listens to others when they’re talking,
He watches other girls like they’re his.
He uses me for his own pleasure.
But the funny thing about love is that once you’ve  been hooked,
It’s too hard not to love.
I watch him flirt with other girls,
I watch as he twirls their hair,
The way he makes them smile.
I have to watch him seduce other girls.
I watch him fall in love,
Still while he comes back to me for some “sexy time”
I will love him.
I will continue to love him until I die.
I’m stupid.
He makes me feel stupid.
I know he uses me,
But I’m stuck in the love trap;

-Maddi xox


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