Mystery Poem

Some people like me, but others have trouble liking me.
People sometimes have a bad relationship with me.
I can ruin some lives, but I mostly try and help keep you alive.
I’m loved and sometimes used.
And many people overindulge me.
Sometimes when people are sad they will binge on me.
Every second of the day, I am being used all around the world.
Some people use me only three times a day,
But some people use me too much throughout the day.
Everyone HAS to use me.
Some people have too much of me,
while others have a limited supply.
I restore energy, but people mostly just use me when they’re bored.
I’m not free..
I vary in price….
I  come in every colour you can think of.
I smell different all the time.
Parts of me are enjoyed heaps, while some of me isn’t liked very much.
I can come in any shape, or form you wish.
I have around 6 categories.
Have you guessed me yet?…

-Maddi xox


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