Magical Water….

Hey there,

Researching about water I came across the average, daily intake that we’re supposed to be drinking a day. Around 2 Litres a day is the recommended intake. That calculates to around 8 glasses of pure, delicious water.

Have you ever thought of why we really drink water? Well of course we drink it too keep ourselves hydrated, but are they other reasons to why we keep drinking this magnificent liquid?

The answer to that question is yes! Water is not only just to keep us hydrated and give us energy, water helps both the inside and outside of our bodies.
If you’re one to struggle with bad skin, or acne, then water is the way to go! If you drink the daily amount of water a day, you will begin to see results.
Not only will this help clear the skin, it will also begin to rehydrate and refuel our organ, muscles and cells.
Organic salty, ocean water is another great method to try if you have troubles with bad skin. Salt water will cure the redness around the pimples, lumps and bumps, giving you some visual results.

Water is useful to us humans in many different ways. We wash our clothes in water, we cook with water, we clean the dishes with water, and we also clean our bodies with water. Water is the one MAIN source that keeps us alive.

So just incase you think about running the water next time for some unnecessary reason, maybe think again. Water will one day run very low and that’s why sometimes we have water scares. Water is very, extremely important to us and that’s why we should treat it and limit it to what needs the water and what can go without it.

In Australia, we are very lucky to have running water from our homes and be able to use that water when we please. But in some countries like the Slums of India, they might have to walk miles and miles before getting some water, which then is mostly contaminated and has awful bacteria throughout.

I hope you all have a wonderful day. Made sure you stay hydrated, but remember, don’t waste our precious water.

-Maddi xox


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