Take A Chance<

In life,
we are all given second chances for almost everything you can possibly think of.
You might fail an english exam, so your teacher lets you sit another test, because she wants you to be successful.
You might go to shoot a basketball and miss the hoop, but your friends say, “nah, give it another go.”
Maybe you’re cooking and you burn the food, but it’s okay because you’ll have plenty more chances in life to cook that same meal, until you get it right.
But sometimes people are too kind. Too forgiving in situations in which the person in the wrong, doesn’t deserve that second chance. Or that fifth, sixth, or seventh chance.
Only in one occasion. When someone is in a clear relationship with one they love, but become a cheater. This mightn’t be the first time your love has cheated on you, it could be the seventeenth time, but no one deserves that. Not even your own enemy deserves that.
However you find out, the first time needs to be the last, no ifs or buts. As much as you may think you are in love with that person, if they really loved you, would they go behind your back like this?
Would they disrespect you and put you in a position to question yourself?
Would they break your trust?
Would they be so unfaithful and unloyal?
If you find out about this cheat, you have to immediately leave their ass behind. Even if you think you love them, I’m sorry to break this to you, but once a cheater, also a cheater….
They’ll tell and plead that this won’t happen again, but believe me, wait until you find them in bed with your best mate.
Wait until you find them sexting someone else saved on their phone as, babe.
Wait until your partner starts sneaking out. Spending all hours of the day and night, at “work”.
But no, don’t wait until they get in at 4am, don’t wait until you find them sleeping with your best mate and don’t wait until you see something unforgettable on their phone. Don’t wait, when you can leave that negative pest, that doesn’t deserve you.
Move away from that horrible person. They did you wrong, so now they can come crawling back and want to have you back, but you set them straight.
You’re the best person you can be without that cheat in your life. You’re stunningly hot. You have the biggest, golden smile. You rock all clothes. You have the biggest, warmest heart and the most appreciated kind heart. The most amazing humour and the bubbliest personality in the world. Not one, horrible, shitty person should be able to bring you down, because they are in the wrong. So please understand that you don’t need no man or women in your life, just to keep you on your toes. But most importantly, don’t let this drag you down, and let you start blaming yourself. Because that’s defiantly not the case!
Moral of this message is,
give people chances in life, everyone deserves it. But don’t go wasting a second or fifth chance on someone that will only break that chance.

-Maddi xox


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