Hey everyone,

hope y’all are doing good. I appreciate all the support and likes I have been receiving since beginning this blog account.

Just would like to inform you that blog posts may be irregular and possibly not daily, as of this coming Monday. As I have just started a new enrolment with a new school.

Having been away from going to school daily, I have had time to write, construct and edit blog posts.

As much as I love writing and creating posts, along with school work, it may interfere with getting either one done, led-alone both.

So I am here to inform you that I will be trying my hardest to create and also upload new blogs, but they may not be posted regularly.

In saying that, there will definitely be new blogs to read, just mightn’t be a daily procedure.

I hope you all understand, but no need to worry as I am currently working on new content, in which will hopefully be better and more interesting for you readers.

Thanks in advance,

-Maddi xox


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