Sometimes I question myself as to why I am friends with a certain person.

Most of the time I figure out that it’s because our mums are friends, so we automatically became friends.

Other times it’s because they’re my siblings friends siblings.

But in some cases it’s because we met through mutual friends.

Or sometimes it’s because I was intrigued by their looks or our personalities clicked, etc. on most occasions that’s the case.

I’m friends with people because we got talking one time during school. One time because the teacher made me sit next to them, now look at us, we couldn’t live without each other.

Sometimes we have a misunderstanding and we clear it up and now, we don’t spend a day apart.

Friendship is so very important to us when we’re young. Losing a bestfriend makes you feel like you’ve lost a piece of yourself.

Friends are one of the fun parts of life.

Someone you can do everything with, be yourself around them with no judgement.

Someone who has your back in arguments with your folks, or someone who listens to you rant about a certain boy/girl you like.

Friends are loyal, trusting, kind, supportive, humorous, adventurous, etc etc.

They should make you feel loved and happy.

But in return, you’re their friend. They expect the same back.

You can be a good friend by, looking out for them, caring and loving for them, respecting,  being nonjudgmental, kind, etc.

Friends are magnificent.

-Maddi xox




The difference between words are their meanings behind them. Some words sound the same, but all words in the dictionary have a different meaning behind them.

These words are called homonyms. Here are few examples of homonyms with an explanation of what they mean:

There- over there,”hey Cade, look over there!”

Their- that’s their bike,”Their bike looks good.”

They’re – they’re awesome photos,(they are.)

Two- the number two,”I’ve got two feet.”

Too- in addition, “I like him. “me too.”

To- used to express motion when direction specific location.

Peace- no war, no conflict, civil. “This is good, we’re at peace with one and other.”

Piece- a piece of food, material,”can I have a piece of that cake.”

I hope that this can help clear some misunderstandings with these words.

-Maddi XOX

Our world is a mystery?

Do you ever find yourself questioning the existence or meaning to something that has had it’s name and title for millions of years?

Do you ever realise that you’re thinking about how the earth was created?

Who were the first people on earth? Was it really Eve  and Adam?

Where the bones of dinosaurs really the bones from a deceased animal?

How do we know that we, us humans, are supposed to be living on Earth?

How do we know what to call this planet we all live on?

Who decided we could talk?

Who decided we could communicate with one and other and develop and understanding?

How did someone know what to call each and every part of this world?

There are so many questions that will never ever be answered..

It makes me think of how us humans think, work, act, everything!

The world really is a fascinating place.

One question leads to another and leaves you in a manic questionable state of mind, questioning basically everything…


Everything about who was first to roam the world, to what was here before our generation, to 1,000,000’s of years ago.

All theres questions are unexplained. Yes people have come up with answers and beliefs, but how do we actually know that they’re true? How will we ever know that is fact and not myth?

The truth is,

we will never know..

-Maddi xox


Watching a group of children play,

splashing in the water.



I watched them be happy.



All while others stared.

They watched them.

and snickered right in front of them.

They pointed and giggled.

some even points with disgusted.

I felt ashamed.

I felt emotional and like I was not in control of the situation.

I felt annoyed at first.

And soon before I new it,

I was judging them too.

They are mentally challenged, disabled, whatever you categorise them as.

But they’re only human!

they have rights.

they have hearts.

they have families.

They are human.

Treat them like one then.

We’re all individuals and have our own way of playing, speaking, interacting and how we feel. No one is the same, so treat everyone with respect and just how you’d like to be treated.

-Maddi xox

The boy



Being around him makes me feel special and like i’m the only girl he talks to.
The way he interacts with me,
Touches me,
Flirts with me.
Everything about him makes me want to be in his company forever.
I can be myself with him.
Be clumsy, silly, daring and ridiculously stupid,
All while he joins in.
His smile lights my world up,
Making me feel 100 butterflies swooping around inside me.
When he talks,
All I can do is look at the way he moves his plump lips.
When he laughs,
I can only focus on his eyes,
As tears of laughter form.
His perfect oval face,
So masculine and beautiful.
Beautiful hazel, swamp-like eyes.
So beautiful and unique.
All while I feel so special being around him.
When he touches me.
Hugs me.
Presses his soft lips against mine.
Lays his masculine body against mine.
I know he doesn’t love me the same way I love him.
He looks the other way when we’re intimate.
He listens to others when they’re talking,
He watches other girls like they’re his.
He uses me for his own pleasure.
But the funny thing about love is that once you’ve  been hooked,
It’s too hard not to love.
I watch him flirt with other girls,
I watch as he twirls their hair,
The way he makes them smile.
I have to watch him seduce other girls.
I watch him fall in love,
Still while he comes back to me for some “sexy time”
I will love him.
I will continue to love him until I die.
I’m stupid.
He makes me feel stupid.
I know he uses me,
But I’m stuck in the love trap;

-Maddi xox

Mystery Poem

Some people like me, but others have trouble liking me.
People sometimes have a bad relationship with me.
I can ruin some lives, but I mostly try and help keep you alive.
I’m loved and sometimes used.
And many people overindulge me.
Sometimes when people are sad they will binge on me.
Every second of the day, I am being used all around the world.
Some people use me only three times a day,
But some people use me too much throughout the day.
Everyone HAS to use me.
Some people have too much of me,
while others have a limited supply.
I restore energy, but people mostly just use me when they’re bored.
I’m not free..
I vary in price….
I  come in every colour you can think of.
I smell different all the time.
Parts of me are enjoyed heaps, while some of me isn’t liked very much.
I can come in any shape, or form you wish.
I have around 6 categories.
Have you guessed me yet?…

-Maddi xox

Magical Water….

Hey there,

Researching about water I came across the average, daily intake that we’re supposed to be drinking a day. Around 2 Litres a day is the recommended intake. That calculates to around 8 glasses of pure, delicious water.

Have you ever thought of why we really drink water? Well of course we drink it too keep ourselves hydrated, but are they other reasons to why we keep drinking this magnificent liquid?

The answer to that question is yes! Water is not only just to keep us hydrated and give us energy, water helps both the inside and outside of our bodies.
If you’re one to struggle with bad skin, or acne, then water is the way to go! If you drink the daily amount of water a day, you will begin to see results.
Not only will this help clear the skin, it will also begin to rehydrate and refuel our organ, muscles and cells.
Organic salty, ocean water is another great method to try if you have troubles with bad skin. Salt water will cure the redness around the pimples, lumps and bumps, giving you some visual results.

Water is useful to us humans in many different ways. We wash our clothes in water, we cook with water, we clean the dishes with water, and we also clean our bodies with water. Water is the one MAIN source that keeps us alive.

So just incase you think about running the water next time for some unnecessary reason, maybe think again. Water will one day run very low and that’s why sometimes we have water scares. Water is very, extremely important to us and that’s why we should treat it and limit it to what needs the water and what can go without it.

In Australia, we are very lucky to have running water from our homes and be able to use that water when we please. But in some countries like the Slums of India, they might have to walk miles and miles before getting some water, which then is mostly contaminated and has awful bacteria throughout.

I hope you all have a wonderful day. Made sure you stay hydrated, but remember, don’t waste our precious water.

-Maddi xox

Take A Chance<

In life,
we are all given second chances for almost everything you can possibly think of.
You might fail an english exam, so your teacher lets you sit another test, because she wants you to be successful.
You might go to shoot a basketball and miss the hoop, but your friends say, “nah, give it another go.”
Maybe you’re cooking and you burn the food, but it’s okay because you’ll have plenty more chances in life to cook that same meal, until you get it right.
But sometimes people are too kind. Too forgiving in situations in which the person in the wrong, doesn’t deserve that second chance. Or that fifth, sixth, or seventh chance.
Only in one occasion. When someone is in a clear relationship with one they love, but become a cheater. This mightn’t be the first time your love has cheated on you, it could be the seventeenth time, but no one deserves that. Not even your own enemy deserves that.
However you find out, the first time needs to be the last, no ifs or buts. As much as you may think you are in love with that person, if they really loved you, would they go behind your back like this?
Would they disrespect you and put you in a position to question yourself?
Would they break your trust?
Would they be so unfaithful and unloyal?
If you find out about this cheat, you have to immediately leave their ass behind. Even if you think you love them, I’m sorry to break this to you, but once a cheater, also a cheater….
They’ll tell and plead that this won’t happen again, but believe me, wait until you find them in bed with your best mate.
Wait until you find them sexting someone else saved on their phone as, babe.
Wait until your partner starts sneaking out. Spending all hours of the day and night, at “work”.
But no, don’t wait until they get in at 4am, don’t wait until you find them sleeping with your best mate and don’t wait until you see something unforgettable on their phone. Don’t wait, when you can leave that negative pest, that doesn’t deserve you.
Move away from that horrible person. They did you wrong, so now they can come crawling back and want to have you back, but you set them straight.
You’re the best person you can be without that cheat in your life. You’re stunningly hot. You have the biggest, golden smile. You rock all clothes. You have the biggest, warmest heart and the most appreciated kind heart. The most amazing humour and the bubbliest personality in the world. Not one, horrible, shitty person should be able to bring you down, because they are in the wrong. So please understand that you don’t need no man or women in your life, just to keep you on your toes. But most importantly, don’t let this drag you down, and let you start blaming yourself. Because that’s defiantly not the case!
Moral of this message is,
give people chances in life, everyone deserves it. But don’t go wasting a second or fifth chance on someone that will only break that chance.

-Maddi xox

unknown <

I would like to congratulate the people who keep

a healthy diet

a perfect fitness routine

a banging physically appearance

are liked by everyone

have the neatest room

are extremely successful

study and prepare for tests

have A  grades

who get a minimum of 7 hours sleep

who are great at everything

and still manage to be the happiest, bubbliest, kindest people alive.

How do you do it?

But also congratulations to those that

eat unhealthily

don’t workout

are stressed

are put down by others

study for everything, yet always are unsuccessful

who run around for others

have no time for themselves

and are struggling to get a minimum of 5 hours sleep

and those who would die for another humans life.

-Maddi xox

4 Way Eggs

Hello gorgeous,
Hope your day or night is going well. This post will be giving you some great ideas on how you could prepare, cook, an eat some delicious eggs. All these different types, of ways to make eggs are easy and very affordable. Good, day and enjoy!

  1. Fried egg.

To do this all you need is a non-stick frying pan, spatular & as many eggs as you wish to prepare.

  • Heat your pan on a low-medium heat.
  • let the frying pan heat up and then place the egg.
  • *You can use an egg ring to get a perfect egg shape if you desire.*
  • Let your egg fry, until the egg white has cooked on the bottom.
  • *this will be seen when the egg begins to cook on top and brown around the sides.*
  • Use your spatular to flip the egg onto the yolk.
  • Cook for a couple of minutes for a hardened yolk, or a for a  runny yolk, don’t flip.
  • Top off with some cracked pepper.

Serving suggestions:

Buttered toast
Sausage, toast, cooked tomato, baked beans and bacon.



  1. Scrambled eggs

Serves 2

For this you’ll need a non-stickfrying pan, wooden spoon, 4eggs, dash of milk, grated cheese, s&p, chives.

  • Preheat your pan on a low heat.
  • Using a whisk, finely beat eggs, milk, cheese, s&p and chives in a bowl.
  • When your pan is heated, pour in the egg mixture.
  • When the eggs begin to cook on the outside, carefully begin to pull in the sides.
  • Start mixing the eggs, until they form a slightly wet cooked consistency.

Serve with some toast, or garnish off with some garden herbs.



  1. Original Omelette

Serves 1

For this you’ll need the following:
3 eggs
dash of milk
finely chopped garden herb of your choice
non-stick pan

  • Heat frying pan on a low heat.
  • In a bowl mix in eggs, milk, herb and whisk lightly.
  • Add mixture to pan and let cook until the bottom is golden.
  • Flip onto the opposite side for further cooking.
  • Finish off by folding the omelette in half.

Serve with some garnish, s&p.



  1. Poached eggs

You will need a many eggs as you please, egg poacher pot & water.

  • Start by boiling the water in your pot.
  • Add some butter into the cups.
  • Crack individual eggs into a cup each.
  • Cover and cook.
  • *Cook for 1-2.5 minutes for a runny egg yolk, or until the egg whites have cooked on top. Cook for 3-4 Minutes for a hard boiled yolk.

Serve on butter toast and tomato sauce.
Or as eggs Benedict.


Hope you all enjoyed this post. These are all easy ways to have eggs. Simple, yet so much fun to make and they can be as simple or as complex as you wish.