You wake up at the sound of your alarm

you get a nice brewed coffee

you drink the coffee

you have a warm shower

you feel the warm water gush down your nude body

you brush your teeth

you get dressed

nicely, to make you look clean

you have a sip of orange juice

the minty refreshing taste of mint, mixes with the fruity drink

you leave for work

you feel tired, but you don’t let that get in the way of work


you snack of some leftover from the night before

you do some more work

you leave your office at darkness

you go home and open a bottle of alginate, red wine

you flick through some shows

nothing entertains you

you find some food in the fridge

day old food

you eat

you undress and slip into something more comfortable

you sit alone on your couch, watching a show that has no meaning

you go to bed

you sigh

you lay there thinking of the new day

the new day breaks

you fall asleep.

you awake to the same alarm

you get up

you repeat your day over again.

-Maddi xox



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