Beginners Hair Braid

Hey lovely,

hope you’re well. Today I will be guiding you through step-by-step instructions on how to braid your own hair. I hope you enjoy.

1)  Start out by having nice combed hair, easy enough to seperate each strand.

2) Grab a small amount of hair at the top of your head, and section off into three bundles, as though you were going to plait.

3) Begin to plait the hair (Right stand over the middle, then left over the middle.) Until you’ve completed one cross over. (lap over).


4) Next grab the right bundle, but now incorporate a smaller piece of hair from the side. Lap this over the middle bundle. {New strand inc}

5) Do the same as above, grab the bundle on the left side, but also a small piece outside of the bundle. Cross over the middle and continue.

6) Continue this method all the way down your head, until you no longer have any pieces of singular hair left behind.

When you reach that stage, you now finish the braid off like a plait, overlapping the bundles of hair over one and other. (Right over middle, left over middle)


The method is the same as plaiting your hair, all while for a braid you’re just adding in extra pieces, of hair to the existing hair bundles.

Below is a video to help you get a better understanding and visual idea.

Hope this is a helpful way to show beginners how to braid. Good Luck!


-Maddi xox



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