Things To Do?#1

Hey there my precious,

I hope your week has been great and your weekend is only better! Here I am going to start a new blog series. A list of free, fun activities and places to go with friends and family. All located in Melbourne, Victoria.  {All free activities} Today’s list will cover….

Beaches –

Squeaky beach. – Surf Beach.

Location; Wilsons Promontory , Victoria, 3960

wilsosns beach.jpg

VisitiVictoria, 2017.

Bells Beach.  Surf Beach

Location; Jarosite Road, Bells Beach, Victoria, 3228

{Torguay Great Ocean Road. }


VisitVictoria, 2017.

Cape Woolamai –

Location; Cape Woolamai, Victoria, 3925

Phillip Island.

Cape Woolamai - Phillip Island

VisitVictoria, 2017.

Mornington Peninsula – swimming beach. 

Location ; Mornington Peninsula, Victoria.

Screen Shot 2017-02-18 at 6.20.46 pm.png

VisitVictoria, 2017.


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