Hey there,

todays blog will be a little different to the usual one. But whats there to say any one of my blogs are “normal” aha. Please enjoy, as I go through and let you know what YouTubers I enjoy watching and who I recommend.

Todays blog will be aimed towards the younger audience, but I am not excluding anyone to these channels.

ALEX HAYES – A young kid who is living in Australia. He posts vlogs about surfing and himself being around mates. I would suggest him for inspiration to live young and have a good time.

Andrea Russett – A beautiful girl, who is originally from Indiana, now currently living in LA. Her videos consist of short films to help provide awareness of mental illness, devotion, makeup guru, comedian, skits here and there and overall her channel covers majority genres of videos.

Edwin Costa– A beautiful, talented man. Edwin talks about the socially awkward things such as sex, and kinks in the bedroom. All while he covers serious topics and is a really kind and sweet person. Edwin answers Q&A regularly and is a smaller YouTuber, but he deserves much more.

Big Nik– A dwarf who goes by the name of Big Nik. Living in LA, he shares friends with other bloggers, who post scheduled or daily uploads of a day in their life. All post the same type of content, but I highly recommend watching all of these bloggers, as they will put a smile on your face, not a doubt. Brennen TaylorCarly and ErinColby BrockCorey Scherer,David DobrikDurteDomElijah & ChristineHeath HussarJason NashLiza KoshyScotty SireThe Gabbie ShowToddy SmithyZane Hijazi etc.

Bigger YouTubers that I am a big fan of and who post more “skits” and trying new things, I would have to recommend, Trisha PaytasTimmy Timatoshane, etc. These are well know YouTubers who never fail to make great content, Tana MongeauSkye Wheatley , Ricky Dillonmytoecold (Drew Monson)lisbugKSIJulien SolomitaJOSH WADEJosh PietersJoe WellerJennaMarblesJanoskiansClevver StyleConor MaynardConnorFranta,

RomanAtwoodVlogs– Family friendly vlogger who uploads daily, well he tries to anyway. A dad of three to-be, he videos what he is doing in his day and is a very positive man. His girlfriend and himself own a shop known as SmileMore, where they sell their merchandise.

AlexandrasGirlyTalk – Recently having a baby with her now to be fiancé, Alexandra posts irregular , but when she does upload, the videos are great! A beauty guru is who she truly is, but here and there she will post life hacks and also makeup hacks.

Caspar– Caspar Lee is a well known YouTuber. Best for his comedic videos and for his other well known online friends. Caspar is a South African, now living in London I believe, who posts regularly, and without a doubt his content is very funny and entertaining.

Jc Caylen– A gorgeous young man from Texas, now living in LA with his best mate, kianlawley. Here, together Jc and Kian share a channel where they post daily vlogs and also challenge type videos throughout the week. KianAndJc. I highly suggest giving all three accounts a subscription, as you won’t be disappointed! Although Jc and Kian rarely post on their individual channels, you’ll still receive great content from their shared channel!

I hope some of these recommendations will help you find some more interesting content if you are struggling! I still have heaps of other YouTubers I didn’t mention throughout this Blog, so don’t be shy to comment below if you wish to see more!

Much Love

-Maddi xox


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