Valentines Day?

Hey there,

hope your day, evening or night is better then ever.

So yesterday was Valentines day, right?

Well honestly I feel sorry for myself.

Although I don’t necessarily believe as such,

I was unhappy that I didn’t get to share my love with someone else.

Seeing all these sentimental posts on Facebook and Instagram etc,

Got me in a “terrible” unloved state.

I felt like I was gong to be the “cat lady”.

All alone with all my 101 cats,

But I’m allergic to cats,

So dogs instead.

But watching how sincere everyone was about their special loved one,

Hit me hard for some strange reason.

It was like I was the only one alone.

Alone with no one to share my loyal, undying love.

But seeking through many posts,

I was surprised to see how many other people where suffering from the “Unvalentines day” sequel as well.

Before you love,

You have to love yourself before anyone else can do that.

Although I thought I’d be the “crazy cat woman”, but in my case the “crazy dog lady”,

I’m only young.

I have plenty more time up my sleeve to find the right person.

Enduring this warm, happiness sensation flood over me,

Made me feel human.

Yes, not everyone has a loved one.

Not everyone has found their true love.

Just like myself.

So for everyone who is feeling sorry for themselves,

Just like I was.

Go and give yourself a treat.

Embarrass you, for you.

Y’all don’t need no man or women to survive.

You’ve got your own self.

You can be an independent human just like the rest of us.

But if you do have a special someone,

Go give them hug and a kiss.

-Maddi xox


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