Grey’s Anatomy

Hi boo,

hope your having a good time. Today I want to express my enjoyment and love for an-on-going TV show, that has been around since March 27, 2005. Wow, so long ago, yet the show is still climbing. An American drama, Grey’s Anatomy.

Ellen Pompeo-Merideth Grey

Patrick Dempsey – Derik Sheppard

Justin Chambers- Alex Karve

Sandra Oh- Cristina Yang

Chandra Wilson- Miranda Bailey

James Pickens Jr- Richard Webber

Katherine Heigl- Izzie Stevens


Just to name a few of the actors and actresses who play the main characters.

This show follows the daily encounters that these interns as Surgeons, are going through. Making mistakes, making memories, sharing love and friendships. This show always has an inspiring quote or moral at the end of each episode.

For me personally, I am only up to season three, with ten more to go, I find this show very relatable, inspiring, moving, remarkable and emotional. Watching as these doctors to-be fight to keep patients alive, struggle with daily life and also struggle with relationships.

A show that is very toughing and will hit the water works. I strongly recommend this show to those above 14+. A beautiful show and I respect the actors and actresses more then they’ll ever know.

With many genres such as, romance, thriller and a few bits of gore here and there, if you’re a tough cookie, you’ll enjoy this.

Very well played and screened, I highly value and respect their work.

Hope that you’ll check this dramatic, romantic, emotional roller coaster of a show, a watch if you haven’t already.

-Maddi xox


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