Brain Fart…..Sorry?

Hey there,

hope your day is going well and you have a good time whatever you decide to do.

Sometimes when a writer is writing a new book and is drafting up the story, he or she won’t know how to continue the story. Well that is me today. I have heaps of ideas on what to blog about, yet nothing looks good on paper nor does it sound intriguing.

I know this will very much, not be interesting to read, but I wanted to let you guys know where I am at and what I am up to. I will promise you that for next time it will be something way more interesting and something you’d enjoy reading. Sorry for any¬†inconvenience.


that’s where I got to today, until I wrote the word sorry. It made me begin thinking about the word sorry. Sorry is supposed to be a word that means heaps when used, yet everyone uses sorry way too much. “Sorry I didn’t do my homework, “sorry I broke your favourite book”, “sorry, I’m dumping you.”

Sorry is overly used by everyone. And the most saddest part of it all is that sorry can’t and doesn’t undo. Sorry is your conscience letting the other person know that you’re “sorry,” in other words, feeling guilty. No matter how bad the damage is of the situation, sorry won’t help. People just choose forgiveness.

If you ripped up a drawing, on a piece of paper, then said sorry, does that mend the pieces back together or does it leave it there, with the person feeling hurt, guilty and stressed whether or not they should forgive you. The paper is ruined and sorry can’t do nothing other then try and comfort the person.

Once a hurtful phase, word, or damage has been done, sorry is plain old useless to use. Think before you say. Think before you do.

-Maddi xox


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