hope your day has/will been/be  great. Please read this blog and enjoy.


you can be big, loud and scary

or sweet, shy and quiet.

your volume changes as you wish

sometimes you rhyme, but sometimes you don’t

not everyone enjoys you,

but majority of people cannot live without you

over years

you’ve changed dramatically

but if you are heard,

you’ll know who it is straight away

you’re used as entertainment, a distraction, emphasis  on movies etc

lots of people enjoy how you have so much variety

but everyone has their own taste in you

you can be obnoxious, loud and fast

or slow to medium, which is nice

you’re with people of all ages

at home, school, public place, weddings, funerals and in cars

you are invited to most events

you’re apart of one big family

the preforming arts  family



-Maddi xox


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