What I want

Hey there,

hope your day is going well.

I have been thinking about what I want my future to look like and how I may go about it.

Fantasy future:

I wish to become a full time boss owner of a rich company and have nothing but success. To watch as I become a well known business woman and have all my dreams come true. To become famous and live the high life. To be able to live stress-free from financial struggles and to be able to live an enjoyable life. I would love to have a job that I love and wake up every morning wanting to go and keep pursuing the dream. I wish for the best possible health and a gorgeous loving, family of my own. And to own a house I drew plans for.


I will be just another average citizen trying to pay for my bills and keep a roof over my head. I will get a job, with a cert I or II. I’ll be unhappy, but still dream of bigger and better things that probably won’t come my way. I’ll live alone in a tiny apartment and wake up everyday wishing to quit my job.I will be alone, without a family of my own. No lover, nor no kids.  I’ll just dream about moving onto broadway. I’ll have dreams about becoming famous by acting and singing. I will struggle and be stressed majority of my time. I’ll try and run away from all the bills and financial difficulties, but I won’t get anywhere.

WHO knows what your future holds for you. You decide. Shape your own future and be who you wish to be. Plan out what you want to pursue and try and accomplish that. If all goes to fail, have a back up plan, or better still, go with the flow and see where life takes you.

-Maddi xox


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