Love/acceptance <3

Hey lovely,

hope your day, evening or night is going well. Hopefully you’ve been keeping up with the blogs and have been enjoying them as much as I have been writing them.

Today I will be talking about love on a Tv show that has just aired on Australian, channel 7. Bride and prejudice is a new Tv show about couples getting engaged and their families not accepting.

Watching this brought me to tears, as it showed me how much loving another person from another culture, opposite/same gender, skin colour etc aren’t accepted into their lovers family, because of something they can’t help.

How saddening it is to watch two people in love, suffer from exclusion and so much disrespect. No matter the colour of your hair, your sexuality, culture, whatever, EVERYONE, especially your own family should support you and accept you. This shows that even if certain people in your life aren’t happy with how you are, they will try and cancel your wedding and make you miserable.

I support all genders, (LGBTQ+), all cultures, everything. I don’t see how something you aren’t capable of changing, can have such a strong and horrible effect on another human being. Like quite frankly, last time I checked, I couldn’t change how I felt towards women and men, so why do you have a problem with something that I can’t even change..?

Yes, we all have our own opinions and beliefs, but how can you abandoned your own blood. Your own daughter/son because they are wanting to marry the love of their life. How?

Just because they aren’t marrying the person you want, you can’t just ignore the fact that they’ve found their love and they want to make if offical.

Love is the most beautiful thing on this messed up planet, so no one should have to experience a damaging situation, where you aren’t allowed to be with the one you love.

Life is too short, so why can’t everyone just accept each other for who they are. Yes, god said man with man is a sin, girl and girl is a sin, only opposite genders should be married. I respect that if you believe in this, but what happens if you weren’t allowed to marry the love of your life because, “I don’t think it’s acceptable, or, i think it’s disgusting and sinful.”

In no way, shape or form is love a sin, so how can we treat others like it is?

Watching the first episode of the show made me so far beyond mad. I just can’t seem to process the fact that because something isn’t in your beliefs, you’re willing to disown your own flesh and blood, your own child, but how?

Please, please someone tell me how this is right. All a child wants in life is to make their parents proud. To be able to get love from them, and return the same. But unfortunately for some, that’s near impossible.

I don’t wish this exclusion upon anyone and if you’re going through some type of problem or similar situation to the show, don’t hesitate to contact me.

I hope that everyone, one day, is finally at ease and with peace with one and other. When that day comes, gosh would I be thankful.

Love is so ever precious and we all need to appreciate it more. Life is so powerful and make it hard for others to be them. But I believe love can over-power that. If we spread enough love and each and everyone loves each other for the real them, we can make this world a beautiful, loving place.

Much love to you all and remember, you are you and if people don’t accept you for that, they can stick it where it belongs.

Much, much love,

-Maddi xox



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