Hey lovely,

hope your day, evening or night is going well. This blog today will be about my day out yesterday with an old best friend of mine.

Lately I have had serve anxiety about being around people and leaving the house. Today my best friend changed that. Instead of hiding away in bed all day, my best friend came over, surprisingly, and she gave me a splendid day out n about.

For me, suffering from social anxiety, depression, blah blah, it makes it incredibly hard for me to get out and do things. As well as my friend, she hasn’t had a good run. Herself is now on the full road to recovering and she is more positive than ever.

Receiving a message from her was delightful. At first I was unsure if I wanted to go, but when she arrived, I was super happy to see her. As she has also had troubles, she moved out of her mums home, who lives around the corner from me,  to a few hour drive away. I haven’t been able to see her for a good couple of months.

We spoke for around an hour-and-a-half,  before her sister called to let us know she was going to take us out for lunch. Stopping at a local restaurant, we order some food and drinks. We sat there and had some chats and shared some smiles. I haven’t smiled for the longest time and I’m glad that she can make me smile.

For someone to be able to make me feel at ease and distracted for a couple of hours, it was wonderful. I cherish our friendship muchly and I wish for everyone to have that one special friend, you share an unbreakable bond with.

I guess part of my day has a moral to it. Live life spontaneously and stay in-contact with your friends. I really, really enjoyed my day and I hope that you did as well.

Much love and positive energy sending your way,

-Maddi xox


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