Hey there,

hope today is treating you well. In this blog I am going to address what my dream careers and jobs I want to be successful at, in years time.

Aged care-

I was lucky enough to meet both my great grandmothers. Both put into nursing homes, I got to see them on a regular basis. Throughout my many times in visiting them, I enjoy being around them and the other residents.Knowing that I enjoyed being around elderly people, it got me thinking.

I’m not sure what it is, but I just enjoy taking care of any people, of any age, but the elderly I enjoy most. Knowing that they’ve been through life, had battles of their own and now resting, til death.

Working with elderly would be sad, but most of all, you’d make so many happy memories with the residence.

Veterinary nurse-

Like noted in other blogs, I really enjoy looking after animals and spending quality time with them. Caring for them or just loving them compassionately, makes my heart melt. I would die to become a veterinary nurse, so that I could help save the injured animals and also see them change and become stronger.


Not one of my most wanted jobs, but I also enjoy little kids. Seeing how they grow, develop and age. Watching them as they digest new environments and objects. Watching carefully as they try and think what the object does, and how it’s used.

Baby sitting or being a nanny, that would be delightful. Getting to not only be around a little, tiny human, not knowing what the world will bring them, and getting to also teach them along the way.


Cooking is key to life. Everyone learns how to cook at some stage in their life, whether it be 2 minute noodles or a whole exotic roast. I love cooking. Baking sweets is my main treat in the kitchen, but I’m always busy creating new snack/meals. Introducing new flavours and bring together a new combination of flavour.

Opening up my own cafe, or restaurant  would be absolutely amazing. The chance for others to taste new creations and old. Owning your own place where you can cook whatever and everything and anything, serving for others. How magnificent would that be.


Caring for people is something all these jobs have in common, I guess it’s what I was to do in life. Helping others in need and who can’t fully function themselves, I would absolutely love, love, love to give them a chance to be able to live a reasonably normal life.

Whether I change peoples sheets to operating on someones heart, me knowing I am helping another human, is the best feeling in the whole entire world. Well for me anyways.

Hope these dream jobs/careers will give you a little more insight into what I want in life. Maybe even give you an idea on what you’d like to be doing in the future. Much love

-Maddi xox


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