Lion- movie review

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hope your day is going well. Here is a movie review about the 2016 movie, Lion.

Lion, an outstanding, impressive, touching, heartwarming movie, based of true events. This movie takes place back in 1986-1987. A young family of four. Single mum of three. A daughter and two sons, Saroo and Guddu.

The movie is based around Saroo. At the young age of five, he gets lost and isn’t reunited with his family until 25+ years later.

Saroo’s father left him at age three and went on to marry another woman. Saroo says,

“I only ever saw my father twice in my life. He left us when I was three and went on to marry.”

A small town in India, I believe is Ganesh Talai, the family grew up. Mum working at nights, also Guddu, working at night to support he family.

Saroo and Gudda searched trains for money and valuable things, to buy food, for the family. Playing around train tracks, searching for coal also, to make a living, both brothers were experienced with the trains and tracks.


Saroo  and Guddu settle down for bed one night. Guddu tells Saroo to stay and look after their sister while he were to go to work, but Saroo insisted he joined Guddu.

Catching the train into another town. Saroo being young, falls asleep on the train ride. Guddu tries to wake him up, but Saroo continues sleeping. Guddu moves him onto a bench in the station. He is told to stay where he is and not to move, until Guddu gets back.

Sleeping through into the early hours of the morning, Saroo awakens at the train station, all alone. Finding an empty carriage on a train, he boards and waits for Guddu. Falling asleep, once again, he wakes in the morning to find himself in a  foreign town, Kolkata. Thousands of miles away from his home town.

Being at such a young age, only 5 years old, Saroo awoke very frightened and scared. He was unsure of where he was. Guddu wasn’t around to help. In a panic, Saroo asks around for his mum. Fleeing the station Saroo looks around to find a safe place to spend the night.

After almost being kidnapped and sold, Saroo managed to live off the streets of Kolkata for three weeks, before being taken into a police station. Saroo reached the newspaper and 15 million people supposedly see the paper, yet no one came forward, to collect poor Saroo. We are later informed in the movie that both Saroo and his mother were both illiterates, therefore this is possibly why Saroo was never found. Taken into a local orphanage, Saroo is then adopted into a family in Australia, Tasmania.

This is where Saroo learned to live and adapted to a new country, environment and family. Nicole Kidman plays the role of Saroo’s adoptive mother, Sue Brierley. David Wenham plays Saroo’s adoptive father. Soon the couple adopts another orphan from India. This boy became Saroo’s brother. Mantosh Brierley, is welcomed into the family, yet Mantosh Brierley finds it more difficult to regain trust and adapt to his new life.

In 2008, Saroo Brierley moved to Melbourne to do a hotel management course. Here is where he finds a gal, by the name of Annika. Their relationship begins to flourish and they move in together. At the age of 25, Saroo Brierley is asked about  being bought up in India, from some fellow study friends, who are also from India. Saroo tries avoiding the conversation, as it is a very touchy subject.

Saroo comes to the terms that he misses his family and he begins to think about his family constantly.He has early memories of him with his brother. He decides to Google search where he originally was from. Having no luck at the beginning, Saroo fears he will never get to see Guddu and his biological mum again.

Spending more time on Google maps, searching and searching to find where he is from, Saroo finally makes history. He finds exactly where he grew up,  for a short period of his life.

Booking a flight and flying over to Ganesh Talai, India.Saroo is devastated to find his old home, now a house for a goat. Enquiring the locals about his family, he is taken around a lane way from his original house, to be eye-to-eye with his mum.

An emotional reunion for both the mother and  son, but also the viewers. Sharing kisses and cuddles, Saroo is relieved to be wiht him mum to tell the real story of why he has been absent for all these years.

Saroo is broken when he hears that Buddu has unfortunately passed. A few stations away from where Saroo was told to wait, Buddu had been hit and killed by an on-coming train.

Over the years Saroo’s biological mother and adoptive mother meet and share stories of Saroo growing up. Saroo’s mum thanks Sue for giving Saroo a chance at life to survive and grow up healthy and happy.

I highly recommend this movie.

-Maddi xox



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