Past, Present & Future


Hello my lovely,

hope you enjoy today’s blog.

My past experiences in life have been filled with many bad times, but with a few good ones.

Year eight at 13 years old, I began to hang around toxic people, who I thought were my friends. One friend I still remain in contact with today, who I will forever be grateful for, but the rest, didn’t have a positive role in my life.

Never was I peer pressured into things, all at my own will, I just had a bigger influence when I was around them. These types of people aren’t friends. Friends are supposed to have a positive influence on you and make you feel good about yourself.

I started trying drugs, drinking alcohol and smoking tobacco and weed. All I wanted was to do, was go out every weekend, see my friends, party and get wasted. Majority of the time, that was the case.

My parents became suspicious and finally they stopped me and put an end to me almost killing myself form alcohol poising. Yes, I did enjoy living young and doing whatever I thought would be fun, but in the end, I needed moral support to help me change from bad habits. To this day, I still think about those adventurous 2 years of my life.

Yes they were fun, but everything in life has consequences. Short term, I was in trouble with police and I lost my innocents, but long term, losing my family’s trust, becoming depressed and losing a  valuable friend.


I highly suggest anyone thinking about taking this path in life, please, please don’t. It’s not worth it. Yes, go out with friends, experience life, but remember you only have one shot at life, so don’t waste your time trying to fit in and become involved with drugs, sex and negative addictions.

Save trying your first drink until you’re legal. Save your first time to someone you love and can see yourself marrying one day. Save your first time trying a cigarette at an old enough age you can consent to and really think if you want to become indulged with blackened lungs and addiction. I can’t stress it enough. Wait until you’re old enough to try things. I promise you, life can be amazing, but stay young for as long as you can.

I hope someone else can learn from my mistakes and take on what I have learnt. Much love,

-Maddi xox


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