Past, present & future

Hello my lovely,

I hope you enjoy this three piece blog 🙂



The time we live in. Right this moment, you’re living the present time reading this. Your present time is so very vulnerable and special. To live in the moment it can be hard. While thinking constantly and having overwhelming thoughts, it can be extremely difficult.

Do you remember one time, sitting down with a friend, enjoying a coffee. Suddenly you’re day dreaming or thinking about last night. STOP. This isn’t living in the present time. Try and turn off the thoughts and worries and just be present with yourself and others that surround you.

Having a coffee with a friend. Enjoy the strong smell and delicious taste of fresh coffee grounded beans. Enjoy it as it hits your taste buds and travels down the back of your throat. The warmness enters you oesophagus. You feel it run down your throat and hit your stomach.

You can see your friend sitting there. You can see the cups of coffee and beautiful sunlight, lightly hitting the table, chairs and your face. The heat of the sun makes you feel healthy and warm.

You talk to your friend about how you’ve both been. You watch carefully as she moves her mouth and words fall out. You listen to her and really digest what she is talking about.

You hear the birds chirping, the wind slightly blowing up against the tree leaves. The sound of people ordering coffee, your friends voice and the coffee machine running. You focus on what is important, your friends words and conversation. It takes two to tango.

Using your five senses to live in the moment can be extremely helpful. Bringing all five sense together and really focusing on what is happening, all while having fun and being happy. Living in the moment, not the past, and not the future, will help you to become a more relaxed person and also happier.

Much love my lovely,

-Maddi xox


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