must see??

my top must see movies;

enjoy – maddi xox

romance: classic romance movie would be the notebook starring Ryan Gosling & Rachel Mcadams. Following their love story throughout time and their ups and downs along the way. Rachel, diagnosed with Alzheimer’s in her later years, causing her to fall in and out of remembering her true love, Noah.

My personal favourite romance movie would have to be the escort (2015) starring Lyndsy Fonseca and Michael Doneger. About an average guy who meets an escort at a bar. The man is a journalist, who soon finds himself unemployed. He searches around for a new job and finds himself writing an article about the life of an escort. By the title of the genre, they soon fall in love with-one and other.


Classic horror movie that I enjoy would be the Conjuring I. A movie based on true events, shows the horrifying nightmare a family are living. Tormented by the dead and demons, the mother is possessed by a demon.

My personal favourite horror film would have to be the collector and the collection. Starring Josh Stewart and Randle Archer. Mr. Archer plays a roll of a handyman type character, but his side job is to steal from his clients houses. One time he gets caught, but not by the home owners, but my a murderer who collects humans and keeps them in boxes.


My new, absolute favourite thriller film is, be careful what you wish for. Starring Nick Jonas and Isabel Lucas. A family of three get, are welcomed by a  young, married couple, who move in next door to their holiday house. Dough (Nick Jonas) begins to fix the neighbours boat and realises he is a rich man with a young wife. Soon the husband leaves, as he works out of town, Dough begins to fall for his wife, Isabel Lucas. Sexy, erotic romance scenes, throughout the movie makes it a must see! Soon Lena (Isabel Lucas) finds herself falling for Doug, yet she gets herself into a pickle and sets Doug up.


Miracles from heaven, is a must see movie. If you’re up for a cry, this is my go to. Starring Jennifer Garner and Martin Henderson. A religious, young  couple finds out that their middle child, only 10 years old,  has an incurable  cancerous disease. Struggling to survive, they prepare themselves for the worst. But god has his way in helping and this movie proves just that.

My sisters keeper. A movie that will make anyone cry. Starring Cameron Diaz, Abigail Breslin and Sofia Vassilieva. The mother (mrs Diaz) has a child, purely made to help treat the eldest child, Kate (Sofia Vassilieva) from cancer. Kate tells her sister that she’s had enough and so Anna (Abigail Breslin) proceeds to take her mother to court in order to stop the doctors taking Anna’s body parts to treat her sister.


Lone Survivor is one of my favourite movies of all time. A movie that is based of true events, that capture the story of brave men who fought with the Taliban. Starring the famous, Mark Wahlberg, Ben Foster and Taylor Kitsch.


Hacksaw Ridge comes under both, biography and action. This movie follows the life of a young man, Doss, played by Andrew Garfield. Doss finds a nurse  the hospital, one day,  who he decides to marry. As they just marry, he volunteers to join the war WWII, as all other young men are. This religious man prays he will survivor in the war. As he is so religious, he follows God’s command, they shall not kill. Doss goes into war as a medic, without no weapon, helping to send back the injured. This movie really touched me as I now have so much more respect for him.


Adventures of Arriety – The secret world of Arriety , is an anime movie. This movie is a gorgeous animation that shows how the little people, that live under the floors, live. Arriety, (voiced by Bridgit Mendler, ) finds herself getting into trouble with her parents as she ventures out  to close to the humans.


Super bad is a great comedy movie. This movie is about two teenage boys who are looking to find some women, to have one night stands with. Starring Seth Rogan and Jonah Hill, two most funny actors. These two boys are graduating from school and want to get with girls before they move on to college.



Holes is a movie I grew up on. Holes is about a boy who finds some very expensive shoes, but is falsely accused of stealing them. He is then sent off to a desert boot-camp for troubled teens. There he spends his time digging holes in the heat as punishment. Starring Shia LaBeouf as Stanley.

tv series:

Breaking bad, Starring Bryan Cranston, as Walter, Aaron Paul, as Jesse and Anna Gunn, as Skyler. Skyler and Walt are a married couple with one son and a daughter on the way. Walt is a high-school teacher, diagnosed with cancer, but keeps it to himself for some time. His brother-in-law, a cop, decides to take Walt on a raid. Walt finds one of his old students who is a meth cook, who happens to get away, from the raid. Walt blackmails him into starting up a home, meth lab, business. Soon they become multimillionaires.

The walking dead. A show that has blood, guts and more blood and guts. A viral outbreak, that kills humans and turns them into Zombies, kills almost the whole human population. Starring Norman Reedus, as Daryl and Andrew Lincoln, who plays Rick. The few survivors left come across other “communities” of people who begin to have troubles with one and other. Soon its not just zombies they have to fight, it’s humans too.

Shameless is my favourite show of all time. I could watch it for days on end. A dysfunction family of kids ranging from 6 years old, into the 20’s. Fiona (Emmy Rossum)  the eldest,  is forced to look after her younger siblings and be a mother figure, as her parents aren’t capable. While her dad, Frank (William H. Macy) is off getting pissed and high on god knows what, the children are left to fend for themselves.You see the characters grow and develop relationships, careers and lives.As sad as it sounds, it’s got heaps of comedy and laughs along the way!  Also starring, Jeremy Allen White, Cameron Monaghan and Ethan Cutkosky.



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