Living a healthy lifestyle?


Why do us humans have to live a healthy lifestyle, you might ask yourself?

Well the main reason for this, is being humans, we thrive off of natural food resources, a longer, happier life and a healthy lifestyle, that consists of the following;

  • At least 30 minutes of daily exercise
  • Everything in moderation
  • Daily Vitamin D
  • Staying true to yourself
  • Having a positive outlook on life
  • Natural and organic

In saying all the above, this does not mean it will be easy,  nor will it be fun at times. But if you persist and make the best time here on earth, living the healthiest way possible, you will be able to see a change within yourself.

Why do we try to attempt to live a healthy life?

Well, my friend, we do this to better ourselves. Everyone goes through their own journey in life and some choose to take a healthier life, while others choose to live their life however they wish too. Both ways have different outcomes on everyone and whatever one you’re doing or decide to do, there is no right or wrong way, to live YOUR life.  If you’re currently doing all the above, Great job, but if you aren’t, it could possibly be something to start  thinking about, as growth, change and development are likely to come from living a healthy lifestyle.


When one uses their muscles and body to better them-self and  become and better, healthier and fit person, the brain releases a natural chemical, endorphins. This can make the human happy and reduce stress levels. These endorphins can help change the way you feel about yourself and life in general.

Not only is exercise helping to make you feel good on the inside, and look amazing on the outside, it will also help to regulate muscles, organs and get the blood pumping inside of your body. Overall, exercise is one of the most key, important factors of living a healthy life.


Food can come in many forms, in which the human body takes in and uses as energy. Just like a car would use petrol to run. If you fill your car with, high, premium petrol, then the car will run smoothly and stay healthy. Maybe once in a blue moon, when you haven’t got enough money, you might get some toxic petrol. This can have a negative impact on the engine and the whole car. Therefore you stick to using the good stuff.

That is exactly what our body needs, good fuel. Living off a healthy, natural, plant based diet, will have huge impacts on your body. Both on the inside and out. While doing this and getting daily exercise, this will have beautiful results. But, back to the car fuel. Sometimes you mightn’t get the top A grade petrol, and that’s okay. Just like with food. We’re allowed to have everything in moderation. This won’t hurt the body, but only if you eat this once in a while. Here is a food pyramid to help show what you should be consuming and the things that you should treat yourself to. food-pyramid

Vitamin D

Vitamin D comes from the lovely, natural sun itself. Getting at least 10 minutes of vitamin D daily, can also help to make you feel good on the inside. Just be careful you’re sun smart and use the right components like sunscreen and a hat.

Lying in the sun and relaxing has been studied and it can help to make you feel mentally better and also reduce anxiety. Vitamin D will give you a rocking, glowing body and also have a positive impact on how you feel.


Now when it comes down to doing all this and fitting it into your daily routine, it can be extremely hard. This is why most people avoid bettering themselves and continue to live their life, but not to the healthiest way possible. All you need to do is to start easing your way into buying vegetables, fruits, grains, wheat based products and start to consider replacing your whole diet. At first it will be tough, but if you go into this with a positive mindset and some support from family, friends or professionals, you will always have extra help on the way. Changing small things at a time, will help you become immune to this type of product, instead of going full blast and not achieving your goal.

The most stressful and draining part of this, will be the exercise. Just like with food, don’t rush into things. Start out slow and slowly increase your time when you feel it is right. Start out with maybe a 15 minute walk once-twice a day. Go at your own pace and don’t stress about the time or anything. Walk in the moment and be proud of yourself for achieving  it. Over-time your body will become sustain to the exercise and your muscles and lungs will be able to take on more. This is the time you will start to build up your work-outs. Push yourself to your limits. Train and train. Work-out as hard as you can and then treat yourself. rewards such as;

  1. Shopping
  2. going out to dinner
  3. getting new clothes
  4. going on a short day-trip
  5. seeing friends
  6. eating something “cheeky”
  7. taking a day off school/work
  8. spa day
  9. movie night/day
  10. self time
  11. (something you enjoy doing)

These “rewards” will help you want to achieve your goals.

Throughout the time you’re trying this new healthier life, it will be hard. But you’ve got to believe in yourself and trust yourself that you can do it! Stay positive and set goals. Setting goals will help you to achieve what you want to achieve. They can be anything because remember, this is all about you. This is YOUR journey and YOUR life, so you get to decide how to live it.

You’re all beautiful just the way you are and don’t change just for someone else. Focus on yourself and focus on becoming a better, healthier person for yourself.

Well done for trying and giving it a go! Well done for achieving your goals. Stay strong and you can do it. I believe in YOU!

-Maddi xox



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