Hello lovely,

we all know someone silently suffering with a mental illness. Whether it be yourself or a close loved one, depression is a mental illness that can’t be hidden away behind closed doors.

For me, my whole life has had ups and downs and that’s just life, but recently over the past 24 months, I’ve had it hard. Both emotionally and physically. With both my mental and physical health deteriorating, day by day, I have had a constant struggle and battle with myself.

Mental illness’ are to be taken seriously. A joke is a joke, but to joke about someone who has a broken leg, is just like joking about someone who struggles with a mental illness. It’s wrong and not on! Although we cannot see someone suffering from mental illness’, just by looking at them,  because there is no physical or visual a physical visual illness, does’t mean they aren’t suffering.

To deal with depression, it’s extremely hard and overwhelming to say the least. Constant thoughts of ending your life, self worthless and just being all round miserable. Some days I don’t even leave my bed, but other days I do get up to seek food and help.

Seeking help is nothing to be ashamed of. It just shows that you’re powerful and strong to recognise that you need help. You’re a strong person with a lot of courage.

For me, my depression was unfortunately passed down through family genes and also the life i used to live. But that’s another blog story.

Please never, ever be ashamed of feeling this way because I can tell you now, everyone goes through a rough time in life, sometimes others just need some extra help. Sometimes that could mean getting professional help or medicated help. Either way is totally normal and manageable.

As hard as it seems at the time when you’re going through that state, you have to continue to believe in yourself and trust yourself, that you know there is light at the end of the tunnel. Although at times it feels like you’ve lost all hope, you haven’t. You have to keep going on. Continue to be a stronger person and know that you can beat anything if you’ve come this far in life already.

I know it’s unfair that humans have to go through such a horrible phase and time in their lives, but in all honesty, from all the people i have spoken to who have managed to kick depression in the butt, they have shown me that it does get better. And that they have learnt life lessons from their journey.

Not everything in life is all happy times, unfortunately, but we just have to accept that as fact. I wish that everyone will find their happiness in something they love and want to pursue.

I hope for brighter days for those suffering. We can get through it together. There’s light at the end of the tunnel for everyone, just believe me when I say that.

One day you all will come to peace with yourselves and love yourselves for who you are. That day will come for everyone and if your day isn’t here yet, it’s just around the corner. You just have to accept yourself.

Everyone has their flaws, but they’re tiny compared to all the good values you have. You mightn’t like the look of your hair, but the person in the other room to you, loves your hair just the way it is. Don’t be in denial, we all have flaws, but our beauty comes from our flaws. Everyone differs , just embarrass your natural looks, personality and self are important to accept and focus on.

Most importantly, you do you boo and focus on the positive things in life. Just because one person dislikes the colour of your eyes, doesn’t mean you have to. They’re just jealous. You focus on yourself and everyone else can focus on themselves. Much love

-Maddi xox


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